What is wrong with the world today?

I opened up my Facebook page this morning and two news stories caught my attention. “4 month old baby raped to death” and “Men accused of sexually abusing cows”. Seriously? Really? What the hell?

I would like to know why, in this country, we make it ok for these freaks to keep doing this. Pedophiles, child molesters, kidnappers, murderers aren’t afraid to do what they do. What happens to them when they get caught? They wait in a cushy jail cell for a year or two while their lawyers try to get them off by pleading insanity. If they actually are convicted most of them live out the rest of their lives with a bed, blankets, three warm meals a day, a free gym membership, healthcare and dental. Hell that’s better than some people live! It’s the most ridiculous thing. If they manage to get the death penalty (which doesn’t happen often enough) then they usually still live out the rest of there lives in better conditions than some people except they are kept away from the general population, so they are safe from any actual punishment. And if they actually get the lethal injection we try to make it as painless as possible. I just don’t get it.

If I were homeless I would just commit a crime. Why not? That’s what our country shows people. What we need to do is stand up and say enough is enough. We need to make punishments actually fit the crime. We need to stop allowing child molesters and rapist plead insanity. I am sure they are all insane. You would have to be to do what they do but I don’t really give a damn. That’s not an excuse. There is no excuse!

We need to stand up for the people who really need support and that is the victims. We concentrate so much on the accused rights, what about the mother who had to bury her son or daughter? What about the woman who will never be the same? What about all the truly innocent people who are affected by these people’s heinous crimes? Maybe someone should start standing up for them.

There are so many things in our society that are so backwards. It makes no sense to me. I really wish we could find people to run this country who were truly looking out for our best interests and not their own. I don’t want to live in a world where you have to be afraid for your children. Not just afraid but terrified. I don’t want to look at the nice man who smiles at my son at the grocery store and wonder if he’s a kidnapper or pedophile. I want to be able to teach my child to be kind to people and not to fear them. Most of all I want to live in a country where the bad guy is afraid to be caught. I want justice.

I read an article in the newspaper this weekend about a murderer who was hanged in the Belleville square, a long time ago, by a mob of people who had decided to take justice in their own hands. The point of the article was how horrible the whole thing was and it was horrible but you know what, I would rather see a hanging than what goes on today. I would rather see punishment. I would like for the bad guys to be afraid. I can’t imagine what will have to happen for things to change. I think the things that have happened are bad enough.

I guess instead we have to concentrate on being proactive and teaching our children to be aware. I don’t want to teach my child to be afraid but I will do everything I can to teach him to be strong enough to run away and scream if he ever feels unsafe. I will also look out for other children. I think us parents need to band together and keep an eye on the kids playing in our neighborhoods and parks. To many times people don’t want to get involved but sometimes getting involved can prevent something terrible from happening. It’s worth going out on a limb to protect our children. We need to look out for each other. Maybe we can make the world a safer place.


Our innocent children…

Today is a sad day. Another innocent child taken from her family, abused and killed by a heartless monster. I can’t wrap my head around this. So many children are abused and murdered each day by strangers, family and even their parents. What does it say about the world today?

It’s such a different place than when I was kid, sometimes I wonder if part of the reason it’s so much worse now is because information is so much more readily available. Last night after that little girl was abducted her picture went viral all over the world. That would never have happened before Facebook and Twitter. I remember when Chasity Center was abducted. It was the first time I had ever heard of a child being taken, I was in grade school and I remember my mom crying when they found her body. I remember thinking that the world was scary then. I can’t imagine growing up now.

Back then we could play in our neighborhoods and ride our bikes. We all got the don’t talk to strangers lecture but it wasn’t like today. Even the thought of letting Tyler go outside by himself sets off panic in me. How do you teach your children to not be scared of the world when you are terrified?

Every where you turn a child is being abused.  Every time I hear about something like that I hug my child a little tighter as my heart breaks for the parents that suffer.

I hope little Hailey Owens family gets justice. I’m afraid it won’t be enough for them. Whatever happens to the monster who did this couldn’t be bad enough. I hope someone takes matters into their own hands since our justice system is far to kind. I will be holding my little one extra tight today and thinking of her family.

Valentines Day….

I love Valentines Day! I know people say Valentines Day is a commercial holiday, it means more when that special person shows you they love you on random days and I agree. But let’s face it, we all get busy with life and sometimes showing that person we love them isn’t as high up on the priority list as it should be. I think of Valentines Day as a reminder to do something special for the ones you love. And who doesn’t love a day full of flowers, candy and love notes?? It brings out the hopeless romantic in me!

I have to confess, I went a little overboard this year with Valentines for the kids at Tyler’s daycare but this is the first year he gets excited about stuff like that! I had so much fun doing it! Tyler is going to freak out when he sees the large stuffed minion he is getting. Good thing we are giving the kids their valentines tonight since we don’t have Aaron tomorrow because I would probably give in and give it to him early.


I had gotten Jim a few little things and his yearly big bag full of candy but I was trying to think of something special to do this year. I saw on Pinterest (what did we do before pinterest) a mason jar titled “Reasons I love you”, in it was candy and cut out hearts with the reasons written on them. I set out to do 50 reasons but ended up with 61. I wrote 50 on the original paper but when I was writing them on the hearts I kept thinking of more. I love this because writing them was like a reminder to myself of all the reasons I love him. I am shocked I actually did this because I am usually a Pinterest pinner and hardly ever a Pinterest doer. It turned out cute!


If everything goes well we should actually get to go out and celebrate this Valentines Day. We haven’t had a date night in a while and we are itching to get out kid free. I love our date nights, we don’t get enough of them.

Whether you love Valentines Day or not, I hope you have a FABULOUS Valentines Day!

“The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” -Jalal ad-Din Rumi

Being “in love”….

“Love is a temporary madness, it erupts like volcanos and then subsides.  You have to work out whether your roots have so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because that is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion, it is not the desire to mate every second of every day, it is not lying awake at night imagining that he is kissing every cranny of your body. No, don’t blush, I am telling you some truths. That is just being “in love”, which any fool can do. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident.”

Falling in love is one of the most powerful, exciting, and exilerating times two people can have together. It is an amazing feeling to have your every thought consumed by another person. Learning about that person and spending hours and hours talking to each other. Falling in love is hopeful. Falling in love is passionate. But the all consuming feeling of falling in love is not one that lasts. You have to have a strong enough bond to love each other through real life. Because eventually you get comfortable with each other and you stop spending every second trying to impress each other. You see each other at your lowest of lows and it isn’t pretty or romantic. The challenge is to keep some of that romance and passion alive even when things become mundane and routine. It isn’t easy to find romance when you have kids, jobs, mortgage payments…etc.

One of the things I think it most important in my relationship is keeping the romance alive. Our “falling in love stage” was incredible. We fell so hard for each other and I have never felt about anyone the way I feel about Jim. It was an incredible time. It’s those memories I turn to when we have harder times. It reminds me of the things I love about him when they are a little harder to see.

Jim and I went through a lot of hard times, most of which were brought on ourselves, but we survived and are so much stronger because of it. We are both stubborn, pig headed, opinionated and we can have fights that would make your head spin. Sometimes we are not the best at being grateful for the little things we do for each other. We are essentially the same person in that we like our space and we don’t feel the need to talk everything to death. We can both be a little selfish and it can be hard to live with someone who is so much like you. But Jim and I have fun together, we take the time to be romantic. We take the time for us and that is why I think our relationship will last.  You go through your highs and your lows together and hopefully they make you stronger. Our past has made us stronger.

Relationships are so interesting. They are so complex and so different person to person. No one really knows what someone’s marriage or relationship is like unless you are in it. Relationships are forever changing and evolving, like people. I think to make a relationship last you have to take inventory at times of what’s going well and what isn’t. You have to work together to make your relationship better. But most of all you have to want to make your relationship better.

I know a lot of people who are going through hard times in their relationships. Some of those people will survive the hard times and work on the problems. Some of them are past that point and they will go their own ways. Neither path is an easy one. Both involve a lot of soul searching and hard work.

In the end you have to do what makes YOU happy. You are responsible for your own happiness and life is too short to be anything but happy.