Our innocent children…

Today is a sad day. Another innocent child taken from her family, abused and killed by a heartless monster. I can’t wrap my head around this. So many children are abused and murdered each day by strangers, family and even their parents. What does it say about the world today?

It’s such a different place than when I was kid, sometimes I wonder if part of the reason it’s so much worse now is because information is so much more readily available. Last night after that little girl was abducted her picture went viral all over the world. That would never have happened before Facebook and Twitter. I remember when Chasity Center was abducted. It was the first time I had ever heard of a child being taken, I was in grade school and I remember my mom crying when they found her body. I remember thinking that the world was scary then. I can’t imagine growing up now.

Back then we could play in our neighborhoods and ride our bikes. We all got the don’t talk to strangers lecture but it wasn’t like today. Even the thought of letting Tyler go outside by himself sets off panic in me. How do you teach your children to not be scared of the world when you are terrified?

Every where you turn a child is being abused.  Every time I hear about something like that I hug my child a little tighter as my heart breaks for the parents that suffer.

I hope little Hailey Owens family gets justice. I’m afraid it won’t be enough for them. Whatever happens to the monster who did this couldn’t be bad enough. I hope someone takes matters into their own hands since our justice system is far to kind. I will be holding my little one extra tight today and thinking of her family.


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