About Me


I am 31 years old. I live with a wonderful man and we have a beautiful two year old son. I like to write and share my thoughts I think it’s therapeutic. I don’t claim to be good at it but its something I enjoy and wish I had more time for. My first full time job is being a mom. I love being a mom! My son Tyler is sweet and adorable and funny and challenging! My second full time job is managing Dr. Kara Schreder’s dental office in Swansea, Schreder Family Dental. I love it. I have so much fun at work and it allows me extra time with Tyler. Which is an added bonus!

I love my friends and family…..they are the best support system a girl could ask for plus they are hilarious! I am lucky enough to wake up in the morning next to my very best friend. It is amazing to have so much fun and be so connected with one person. He and I are building one hell of a life together.

I like to think of myself as a funny person, I have been told I could make friends with anyone, I HATE tuna, love mexican food, am addicted to margaritas, love beaches, hate snow, I need the sun, I could care less what people think, I will do just about anything, I think rain is romantic, love to dance, a good song can lift my mood, I believe everyone needs a good cry every once and a while, laughter through tears is my favorite emotion, I love old things, I believe in signs and fate, I believe in soul mates, I love classic movies, I am a true animal lover, except snakes…don’t love those so much! I love to walk, love being outside, I am a little bit impulsive and a little bit crazy, I believe in love at first sight, I am shocked sometimes at the things my parents said…..they were actually true! I personally think everyone should act like a child sometimes. I really believe that to be sane everyone needs to be just a little bit crazy.




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