I love a good thunderstorm…

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain and thunder. Spring has arrived and it could not have come soon enough! I miss thunderstorms during the winter. It is one of my favorite things about Spring. I am not a fan of rainy days really, but a good loud thunderstorm immediately followed by sun and warmth is my idea of the perfect Spring day. I know a lot of people who are afraid of storms, I don’t see the scary in them. To me they are romantic and relaxing. There is something very powerful about the sky letting loose. Then afterwards, the birds start chirping again and everything is clean. It’s like Mothers Natures way of wiping the slate clean after a nasty winter.

I texted Jim this morning and said if it’s still raining tonight, I want to go play in the rain. I love running around outside in the rain. I might even take Tyler out in it. Although, Tyler is not a fan of anything that gets him wet or dirty. I bet I could convince him with a few puddle stomps!

I have a lot of great memories of Jim and I that involve storms. There was the night he put the futon mattress out in the driveway, it was only sprinkling and it was really warm out. All of a sudden it started pouring, sheets of rain. I got up to run into the house and he pulled me back down and we kissed in the downpour. One of the best things about Jim is that he can pull off some really romantic stuff and he doesn’t even realize it. He didn’t put that mattress out there to be romantic, he did it because he thought it would be fun. I knew Jim was right for me when I asked him to run through the park with me in the rain and he didn’t even hesitate. He just took off. He didn’t care that we looked totally insane.

One of the things I hope to teach Tyler is not to take life to seriously. Don’t not do something because you are afraid of how you will look or because you don’t want to get your clothes dirty. Life isn’t about looking perfect or acting perfect all the time, it’s about the experiences you have. It’s about having fun! In a world that is so serious all the time, sometimes you just have to go outside and play in the rain.